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ProFi Fitness School, 25-06-2020

In order to have an effective training we should first examine movement disorders. There is no such thing as a proper movement pattern. Shocking?  It’s just the way it is!

I base my opinion on the fact that movement patterns in training are mainly conventional and very general, reflecting average population. Each of us has parameters which are more or less close to this norm.

There isn’t one, right way to move. Instead, we have something like an optimal movement pattern. It is the simplest movement when the task is functional and e.g. postural control is effective with the least physiological load. It is better to walk without getting tired, right?

Motorics and functions are inseparably connected with sport. We've heard it so many times that certain exercise is geared towards a particular body part. Unfortunately, when it comes to the right choice of exercise, very often a person is overlooked. THAT'S WRONG!

ProFi Fitness School, 19-05-2020


Anyone who has ever run their own business knows that it is not possible without a clearly defined action plan. While thinking of investments, we create a business plan for the next quarter or a year . But we should also  make certain  assumptions.