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ProFi Fitness, 12-11-2020

Working solely on increasing strength or toning of the body is not enough. Strengthening core muscles, especially the abdominal and back muscles, is also important. By including core stretching exercises in your training plan, you can significantly improve your exercise capacity and reduce the risk of injury.

ProFi Fitness School, 14-05-2020


Trends in strength training change as quickly as the image of the dream body. Although the division of "female'" and "male" exercises is quite artificial and the boundaries are easy to shift either way, there is a muscle group where training is extremely important for both aesthetic and health reasons. Therefore, a few months ago, ProFi Fitness School included a new course in their offer called BUTTOCKS SHAPING.

I started designing this program in 2018 with the idea of creating awareness for the instructors and giving them the "Know How" : How to train women who want to develop this part of the body without building the thighs. I would like to describe the process of its formation and specifics, based on several years of experience. You will find out how many hours we spend on exercise practice, why we put emphasis on anatomy and functionality of muscles, and why the course’s graduates call it "innovative".