The Mind Maze
Clifton Goldson, 11-11-2020

Sometimes we create our own "mind maze" and project it into our reality. We do this by shifting the "walls" of anxiety. If we have anxiety or barriers in any part of our lives we tend to try and overcome that, which is causing the anxiety. We are shifting it into a different part of our life, trying to convince ourselves into believing, that we have overcome the anxiety. By doing so, we simply compartmentalise the anxiety into different aspects of self - meaning we will still be dealing with past, present and future created anxiety. Whichever way we turn we will be confronted by this unresolved anxiety, that now has taken many different forms. The anxiety never truly is overcome, creating a maze like pattern, making you feel like they never can truly progress in any part of their life.




There is always a way out of a maze


We can be prisoners of our own mind. Everything starts off as a thought, whether that may be positive or negative. When it comes to ourselves we usually have negative tendencies in our thoughts, we then put feelings and emotion into those thoughts, which then creates an environment of manifesting into our lives - 'thoughts become things'.

We then continue to think these thoughts habitually, which then starts to effect every aspect of our lives. Attracting more negativity physically, as well as mentally - 'thoughts attract things' .

Until you truly understand how powerful your thoughts are in creating your reality you will always be a prison of your own mind and continue to be a prison to external influences  and your environment.

You need to make it your mission to master the habit of conscious thought or remain as much a slave to your own mind, as you do to everyone else, that is trying to prove they are better than the next. Your environment, that is delivering constant stimulation and influence to your thoughts and everything else included in the world of constant external influences.


“It is not your history or your environment. It is the quality of your mind that determines the quality of your future.” - Dr. Benjamin Mays



There is a lot of social pressure what you should wear, how you should act, what job is respectable, where you should live and even the views you should have. All of these should have a massive impact on us and our mental health, so much so that they take us away from who we really are in essence and create a whole lot of anxiety.

Have the courage to DO what you WANT TO DO, BE who you WANT TO BE and ACCEPT who YOU ARE and escape the Mind Maze.