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ProFi Fitness, 18-11-2020

Deadlift is a functional exercise. We perform this movement almost every day (e.g. when bending down). However, in order not to get injured or have a back pain, it is necessary to take care of hips and lumbar spine mobility. Proper functioning of these two muscle groups is the basis for performing a deadlift. How can we increase their mobility? How should we warm up before a training session to increase the range of motion? These questions will be answered here!


ProFi Fitness, 12-11-2020

First mention of a kettlebell dates back to ancient times when Greek athletes used it in their training. Same as nowadays, a fit body was a sign of health and perseverance. Official kettlebell competitions took place in the second half of the twentieth century in the USSR, gaining popularity in the USA, Western Europe and also in Eastern Europe.