How To Become A CrossFit Coach?

How To Become A CrossFit Coach?
ProFi Fitness, 16-12-2020

How to become a CrossFit coach? CrossFit Coach Course


The best solution is to complete international courses organized by CF HQ. Not only do they give coaching authorisation, but they also give you the opportunity to work abroad. This does not mean that the qualifications you already hold are invalid. It’s just that international courses are much more important.


CF HQ courses and levels :

- LVL-1. Aimed at beginners in CrossFit training and those who want to improve their existing skills and knowledge. There is no practical skills exam. The final exam consists of: nutrition, programming and basic exercise. Possibilities: CrossFit trainer title, setting up your own box.

- LVL-2. Deepening knowledge from Level 1. Participants learn how to correct incorrect movements and how to teach skills. No exam.

- LVL-3. A difficult theoretical CrossFit knowledge exam.

- LVL-4. In-depth testing of coaching skills. At this stage, you can join the CF Seminar Staff and conduct LVL-1 and LVL-2 training.


Additional courses for CrossFit trainers – mobility training


This training system focuses on improving mobility, flexibility and mobility of joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Thanks to the exercises, the CrossFit coach is able to increase the capabilities of their own body. Moreover, their own performance will also improve. This knowledge classes will not only be useful for their own personal development, but also for improving training with clients. Except for practical classes, CrossFit coaches also have a chance to learn the right exercises to be applied in e.g. injuries or pain resulting from a sedentary lifestyle etc.In addition, they can diversify their own workouts with the help of band, rollers or massage balls. They will also learn how to deal with trigger points and properly stretch and strengthen muscles.


Additional courses for CrossFit trainers – - endurance and skill


In this case, CrossFit coaches will  have a chance to improve overall efficiency of their own body. They will learn how to counteract injuries, improve mobility, endurance or movement economics. They will also get familiar with calisthenics, running, core, stability, mobility, stretching, training with resistance bands as well as plyometric exercises. Such a workshop allows CrossFit coaches to improve their own training and in turn improve their clients’ performance so that they can achieve better results in CrossFit training.


Additional courses for CrossFit trainers – – core training


This training system involves improvement of overall stability and strengthening a muscle corset (core) through the choice of exercises. These core muscles are responsible for controlling all movements in the human body. Training these areas allows you to improve technique and strength in training, recovery and reduces the risk of injury. The CrossFit coach has a chance to increase customer safety during standard workouts. Moreover, strong core muscles are an absolute basis in strength training, which is effectively is CrossFit.


Additional courses for CrossFit trainers – kettlebells


Kettlebells training is aimed at obtaining maximum muscle power. This can be achieved by maximizing muscle tension followed by its relaxation.  CrossFit coaches have a chance to learn a training technique that allows you to control the tension-relaxation of muscles. Moreover, coaches can also increase the strength abilities of their clients.