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PFS® Personal Health and Mental Training Online Live

Goldson MHFT have created a course designed to equipment personal trainers with the right knowledge and understanding of mild mental health conditions. We believe that personal trainer can make a huge impact to mental health services and most important individuals dealing with mental health issues.

The course:

We have developed a training course that aims to equip NHS professionals and individuals in the health and fitness sector with:

  • knowledge and understanding of mental health conditions, allowing them to be able to support clients through mild mental health conditions,
  • a focus on the mental and physical aspect of the individual, and how physical health and mental health should be managed together for better outcomes for individuals

In short we recognise that fundamental to this is the 1:1 approach and the relationship building that develops trust and allows people to open up with a professionals assisting them.

We acknowledge that people with severe mental illnesses have reduced life expectancy, and that there is a strong correlation between poor physical health and poor mental health. Well-trained personal trainers, physiotherapists and any professional in the health and fitness sector who can support people in new ways, who are open to discussing people’s mental health and acknowledge how it impacts on their client’s fitness, will make a huge change to individuals and the NHS.

We have worked with many clients experiencing a range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, stress and schizophrenia; and have now developed this course to train professionals to be able to support more people.

Course Aims:

By the end of this course participants should:
• Gain more confidence about the 'personal' side of 1 to 1 training.

• Understand the emotional impact of exercising on some people
• Understand the impact a fitness professional can have on a client's mental state/well-being

• Begin to have some confidence in looking behind what is going on for clients versus what is said
• Begin to assess and understand clients' state of mind from the start and help clients understand their own state of mind in relation to exercise
• Identify mental health issues and signpost or provide support
• Understand mental health ( strategies to help manage client.
• In knowing that fitness professionals have completed the course, GPs have more confidence In referring to fitness professionals as part of a patients treatment plan and social prescribing
Course includes:

• Defining “personal” Training
• Introduction to mental Heath (stress, depression and anxiety
• Link between Physical and mental health explored
• Mental Health in personal training
• Review and action planing
• Case studies
• Questionnaire
• Presentation
• Handouts
• Client perspective Videos

This course is specifically designed for Personal Trainers and Health Professionals to aid in their job roles.

The Level 1 course is a 1 day course. From 9:30am -approx 4pm.

Every participant receives Certificate of Attendance. This certificate will confirm attendance however it is not a teaching qualification.


Participants must attend 100% of the course in order to receive the Certificate.


All our courses are accredited and recognised worldwide.

All PFS qualifications meet industry standards that have been developed and published by the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA).

ProFi UK ensures that all standards used are mapped to and meet all appropriate International standards where possible, to ensure all ProFi UK students benefit from recognition of their status from other international bodies.


We operate on a first come, first serve basis with no exceptions.

To secure your place on the course the payment should be made upon registration.

We allow 5 calendar days to receive payment before your place is given to another person that has paid.

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There is no way to prolong the 5 calendar days. Registrations are not accepted if you have already registered and the initial 5 days have not elapsed.

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