Build Muscle Mass in 8 Weeks At Home

Build Muscle Mass in 8 Weeks At Home


The e-book "Build Muscle in 8 Weeks at Home" is the essence of how you can train at home without the need for additional equipment.
Calisthenics is a sports discipline that is gaining popularity and involves training with the weight of your own body. Most people associate it primarily with advanced gymnastic systems, which impress everyone. However, this degree of training takes years of exercising.

From the entire range of exercises, Szymon decided to select those that have the most beneficial effect on the figure and can be successfully used to build muscle mass at home. You don't need a gym to make them, you don't even need any utensils. The exercises have been selected so that everyone can do them without spending money on additional accessories. Thanks to this, they can be performed at home, during business trips or in a hotel on vacation.


The entire plan was written for 8 consecutive weeks, with progression every two weeks. Each week includes 4 consecutive programs:

A strength training with emphasis on the upper body
AMRAP training, during which you perform the maximum number of repetitions in a specified time (from week 3)
Abdominal / core training
B strength training with emphasis on the lower body.

Each subsequent microcycle becomes more difficult and demanding: from static exercises in week 1 to dynamic and plyometric exercises in weeks 7 and 8.

All exercises are described and divided into muscle groups. All you need is a little bit of motivation and 8 weeks of systematic work to achieve your goal of a stronger, fitter and more enduring body.