PFS® Measurements in Personal Trainer’s Work Free Webinar

PFS® Measurements in Personal Trainer’s Work Free Webinar

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As a Personal Trainer you should know that scale don't tell the whole story.
To assess the composition of the body you should be using anthropometric measurements - a series of quantitative measurements of the muscle, bone, and adipose tissue. 

Why this is so important?
These measurements are important because they represent diagnostic criteria for obesity, which significantly increases the risk for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and many more. In fitness industry they can be used as a baseline for physical fitness and to measure the progress of fitness. 

How to use it correctly?
What to do if you can not perform those measurements?
What is correct level of fat for different individuals? 

Sign up today and get the answers for all those questions and more! 


Learning outcomes of the webinar: 

-Anthropometric measurements

-Body composition

-Essential body fat for different categories of individuals

-Skin fold measurement

-Skin fold measurement sites (men & women)

-Body size

-Professional cues

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