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What is Mobility and Flexibility?
How to test your own mobility and flexibility?

This webinar is suitable for:

  • Anyone interested in better movement and extending their independent living.
  • Those interested in the benefits of better flexibility and mobility.
  • Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Sports Coach/Trainers, Yoga/Pilates Instructors.
  • Active ageing specialists, massage therapists, physio-therapists etc.

All are welcome!

In the past stretching was promoted to limit the risk of injury. Recent research questions this line of thinking – we now know that injury prevention is related to force absorption which stretching on its own may decrease. It does not mean stretching is useless but that to achieve healthy ranges of motions we also need to take care of and control our joints.

To achieve healthy joints and enjoy healthy ranges of motion, we need to take care of the two aspects mobility and flexibility.

Mobility is the joint’s ability to move through a certain ROM (range of motion) without restrictions and with control. It is that control that truly defines it and allows us to move into active rom. To improve that control, we need to train the muscles and tissues around the joint.

Flexibility is the ability of the muscles, tissues, and/or joints to move through a range of motion passively - passive rom.

We used to believe stretching increased ROM by permanently changing the structure of the muscles and tissues. Now we know that flexibility improvement is not a result of structural changes but the increase of stretch tolerance. It is about training the nervous system to allow certain ranges of motion.


The webinar is available for everyone interested in gathering more information on PFS Mobility&Flexibility.

The duration of the webinar is 1 hour

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