Abigail Johnston


ProFi Fitness School Teacher

Abigail Johnston is a UK & World Record holder in kettlebell sport, and has achieved MSIC Master of Sport International Class ranking in all three lifts and through most major organisations (IUKL, IGSF, WKSF, GSU, WAKSC).
Regularly competing for Scotland in International Competition. Abigail won overall female Champion in both Long cycle and Biathlon at the 2019 WKSF World Championship, in 2018 she won gold in all four female elite lifts contested at the WKSF World Championship (Biathlon, Snatch only, Double Long cycle and Single Long Cycle). She also won gold medals in Elite at the IGSF Marathon Lifting European and World Championships, setting new records with her sets there. Abigail has also placed in the top three in the Professional Category at every International IUKL European and World Championship competition attended.
Abigail owns and runs Barbreck Studio, a fitness studio in Glasgow where she teaches classes and provides personal training, sports massage and full sports therapy services.