Clifton Goldson

United Kingdom

ProFi Fitness School Teacher

Clifton Goldson has a background of semi-professional football, athletics alongside being successful in competing in men’s physique competitions. Clifton attended University to study Health and Bio-Science and is a Level 4 personal trainer, qualified in gym based boxing, circuit training, spinning, specialises in strength and conditioning, body sculpting and weightless with over 9 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.
He also has vast knowledge in mental health including Cognitive behaviour therapy and certificates in mental health first aid, which is given him the tools to combine the psychological aspect of training with the physical. Also he has trained individuals with mild to moderate mental health conditions such as depression to bipolar to name a few, enabling him to create programmes which helps improve an individual mentally and physically. This resulting in an overall holistic approach, more in depth and dynamic lifestyle adaptations.
Clifton has trained professional athletes from Premiership football clubs, to cricket players so he is competent in training, developing and adapting programmes at a high level and to fulfil their individual needs. The majority of his career has enabled him to work in affluent areas such Knightsbridge, South Kensington and Chelsea of which has a wealthy demographic and Celebrity clientele who expect 5 star services, so he has vast experience in providing the best quality of personal training and after care.
The reasons Clifton decided to become a trainer or a Health and Fitness Lifestyle Coach as he likes to call himself, is that from a young age he really enjoyed helping others creating the best version of themselves and his love for all things sports. As he grew older he found the additional love for the complexity of the body, how the mind works and how they both function when trained in unison and what outstanding things can be achieved.