Nicoleta Chiorean


ProFi Fitness School Teacher

Nicoleta is a proud mother of 3 girls, with a big passion for health and fitness. She is involved in this industry for over 10 years by managing a gym, running a nutrition studio, writing health columns for the local newspaper, personal training individuals from different backgrounds and offer them dietary advice.  As a former national and world champion in fitness,  Nicoleta continued to be heavily involved in the fitness and bodybuilding world by judging competition and coaching athletes that represent ireland at international events. Prior to teach for "ProFi Fitness School", Nicoleta attended numerous courses related to fitness and nutrition within our college and other Irish institutions. At the moment she is studying naturopathic medicine to gather even more knowledge about nutrition and health in general. Recently she started a new journey by introducing "Nirvana Fitness" in Ireland. Nirvana fitness is a light toning workout that combines yoga and pilates with tetha waves, binaural beats and specialised  breathing which is very successful among people with burn out syndrome and life threatening illnesses like cancer.  This course will be part of ProFi Fitness School curriculum soon.  Nicoleta will continue to help as many individuals as possible to reach their nutrition, fitness and  health goals, with a great satisfaction.