Noel Bowen


ProFi Fitness School Teacher

Noel is a Personal trainer/Fitness instructor for the last 6 years, opening his own fitness studio in 2017. He has been a tutor for Profi fitness Ireland for over 3 years. Noel has many years of experience in the Martial Arts/Nutrition/Fitness industry, he is constantly learning and developing his skill set on a continual basis. He has completed numerous college courses as well as constantly adding to his knowledge base with additional courses including advanced sports development, Advanced Boxercise, Trx, Olympic lifting, Crossfit, Strength & Conditioning, Advanced weight cutting & re-hydration but to name a few. He has a passion for fitness, and loves to help people push pass their limit whether in fitness or nutrition. He has experience working with clients including the general public right up to professional Athletes on a daily basis. Noel influenced hundreds of students to become, ProFi Fitness Elite trainers over the years.