Tim Joseph

United Kingdom

ProFi Fitness School Teacher

After graduating in Sports Science Tim has had a 20 year career in the fitness industry, including in gym management, gym ownership, over 15,000 hours of delivered PT sessions, and being the Head of PT at London’s exclusive Thirdspace gym in Canary Wharf. Tim has a passion for passing on his knowledge to newcomers to the fitness industry, he has also written and delivered several courses in Kettlebell training to other fit pro’s.

Tim specialises in functional & strength training and enjoys using and educating his clients in the use of TRX, Bulgarian bags, mace and club training; believing that the body is best worked as one linked unit, able to express strength across muscle chains in varied movement patterns. He has been involved in Kettlebell sports since it was established in the UK 10 years ago, and still competes around the UK and internationally holding several titles and UK records.

Tim is also EXOS (performance training) and FRC (mobility training) certified, so he has been educated with some of the leaders in the fitness industry to back his vast knowledge and experience.

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