1. Enrolment and Learning Agreement


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  1. Submission of an enrolment form signifies a learner’s intention to enter into an agreement with Profi Fitness School to purchase a place on the course in question.
  2. Once a learner’s enrolment is confirmed by Profi Fitness School, this signifies the start of the agreement.
  3. The enrolment form serves as the contract between the student and the Fitness Circle. It stipulates the requirements for attendance and payment as described in the application.
  4. As part of this agreement the learner agrees to maintain any agreed payments.
  5. By registering you are agreeing to be responsible for the payment of the applicable fees in full.
  6. Where appropriate the learner is also declaring that you have the necessary prerequisites for a course. In such a case you will usually be asked to provide evidence upon enrolment.
  7. This agreement will commence immediately upon enrolment and continue until the end of a learner’s study with us.

2. Cancellations and Refunds

  1. The learner has the right to cancel his/her enrolment and any agreement with us within 14 days of enrolment.
  2. Any cancellation on a learner’s behalf must be in writing and sent within the 14 day period.
  3. If a student wishes to cancel within the 14 days of enrolment, he/she is entitled to a full refund provided that the refund request is submitted in writing within the refund period, which commences on the first calendar day after booking is completed. Profi Fitness Academy operates by selling to consumers within distance selling regulations and advises the students to seek further advise from trading standards or their local citizen’s advise bureau.
  4. Once a learner has accessed his/her learning materials the learner waives the right to this cancellation option, even if 14 days have not passed.
  5. If the learner has not accessed his/her learning materials but 14 days have passed the learner waives his/her right to cancel.
  6. Non participation on a course does not entitle the learner to a refund or extension. The learner is still eligible to pay any fees owed if he/she do not participate on a course, unless the learner cancels within the 14 day cancellation period.
    Our Rights
  7. Profi Fitness Academy will not be held liable for any costs and/or losses that may occur on occasions where it is necessary to change or cancel training/assessment days and/or venues during the course.
  8. There is no tolerance for any form of abuse towards the Profi Fitness Academy staff by students or authorised representative (parent, guardian, friend, etc.). Any person that demonstrates a misappropriate behaviour or conduct will be removed from their course, all payments up until that point will be lost and where necessary, legal action will be taken.
  9. Profi Fitness Academy may cancel the agreement if; in the unlikely event and in our opinion, we are unable to provide the agreed service. A refund will be made for any monies owing in this case.
  10. Profi Fitness Academy may suspend or cancel the learning of the learner without any refund, if the learner fails to make any agreed financial payments without prior arrangement.
  11. Materials are licensed to the learner as an individual. Any distribution of our materials to others will be a breach of agreement in which Profi Fitness Academy reserves the right to cancel the learner’s enrolment with no refund.
  12. The learner has 12 months to complete each course enrolled on, unless otherwise specified.
  13. The learner may apply, in writing, for an extension if factors are beyond his/her control (e.g. medical) prevent him/her from completing the course within the agreed time frame.
  14. The learner will only receive his/her certificate once he/she has successfully completed all assessments.
  15. The learner’s certificate will usually be posted to him/her within a four week period however this process may on occasions take longer following compulsory quality assurance activity.
  16. The learner’s certificate is issued by relevant awarding body on behalf of the training provider (Profi Fitness Academy).
  17. Profi Fitness Academy cannot be held responsible for lost certificates.
  18. In the event of a certificate being lost the learner may request a replacement certificate however a nominal fee will apply.
  19. Any data received by the Fitness Circle will be stored according to data protection laws.
  20. Information about students will only be used for the purpose of maintaining their courses, and to offer courses, products or services of similar nature provided by the Fitness Circle. If a student does not wish to receive such promotional information he/she should inform the head office accordingly in writing or e-mail: office@profi-fitness.co.uk.
  21. Profi Fitness Academy will not be held responsible for any unforeseen damage or loss incurred.